Monday, August 30, 2010

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking (SB) is nothing but a technique for internet users through which one can perform various active such as creating, storing, managing and searching for bookmarks to deal resourcefully online websites. Social bookmarking sites allow users to share their favorite bookmarks with other members on the internet, sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Buzz Yahoo!, and are some of the few famous website which handle all your marked web addresses on web, and can got at any place in world you are! One of the major benefits of using social bookmarking sites is you can share your web addresses with other members as well as with non-members and you can do vice-versa activates, hence it is called as Social Bookmarking.

You might wondering, what it is with SEO? So let me tell you SB is one of the most important part of SEO techniques and it comes under off-page optimization. Using social bookmarking sites one can generate quality traffic to his/her site. Just you need to be active on certain sites, I am a search engine optimizer and I have some great experience while working on my clients projects, I use to get around hundreds of clicks through SB itself, which natural makes it easier to achieve set goals. Another major benefit of social bookmarking is you can generate backlinks for your website; tagged links act as an external links which points towards your site, so be careful we your hyperlink text, use proper keywords in your link.

Thou, generating traffic from social bookmarking site are not that easy, you need to work on it. First thing you can do is, you can start communicating with other member of site built a bond in-between, follow others too, by doing this you can create a name for yourselves and also generate quality traffic for your site. Don’t let die your bookmarks, start a link wheeling, post your bookmark links on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, if you have a good fan-page or great friend list then believe it can do trick. And oh… update you blog in an regular basis else bookmarking method will be of no use.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Does Code to Content Ratio Affect Your Site?

It is always said that content plays an important role and search engine gives high priority to quality content. Thou, it is not only content which brings your website on top of the SE result page, but it is sequence on small but important SEO techniques which help your blog/website to come at the top. One of those techniques is Code to Content Ratio, now you might wonder about “what is code to content ratio?” Many bloggers are not aware about this term; it plays an important role in SEO. Code-to-content ration can hurt your site ranking but good C2C ratio can provide high ranking too. Now let me elaborate more about it.

More on-page text means good website code to content ratio. Thou, irony is many bloggers are not aware about this term, even during optimization our clients site, this is the most common problem I came across which scathe their website ranking badly.

Problem I came across with websites is known as a code bloat, code bloat is nothing but excessive use of coding or scripts (like JavaScript, CSS, Flash and many more) within source code than content on your web page, which makes website pages heavy, generally a standard optimize page should not exceed more than 80 to 100 KB in size, more than this can worsen the condition.

Does Code to Content Ratio Matter?

Many a times, it is been asked to me that does really it matters that much? I do nothing but give a nod to them. Typical code issues can damage your search engine ranking up to max and should be rectify within time or on-page optimization process will be of no use;

• Heavy use of JavaScript or coding can prevent search engine spider to access your site freely, result not able to read or fetch content within your site. Higher code to content ratio make search engine harder to dig out the appropriate texts from your web pages. For an example, if a certain website < head> tag consist of hundred and thousand lines of coding and then your < body> tag begins which consist you text area then for SE it becomes more arduous to accommodate content present in your blog/website. Since, every search engine has their own capacity to load data for individual page on sites.

• Embedding many unneeded code like JavaScript, Flashes, etc can put site under unwanted burden. More downloading time can hurt website a big time, since search engine believes that “bigger the long downloading time, higher the bounce rate”. Hence, search engine will rate your site much lower than your competitor’s site.

• Generally, From 0% to 12% C2C ratio is rated as Poor,
From 12% to 25% C2C ratio is rated as Moderate,
Above >25% C2C ratio is rated as Good.

For this reason, it is always good to keep your site simple and clean, try to minimum use to code on-page which can increase loading time. So, do check your website Code to Content Ratio, and make sure you are on safer side.

Friday, August 27, 2010

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Techniques

Getting a good rank in search engine (SE) is not that easy. Search engines are updating themselves very now and then; SE’s are getting smarter and more tech savvy than ever, hence now days to remain on top is not just updating website, you need to do much more to remain in competition.

Search Engine Optimization is a simple answer to this, to get most out of your website, one need to conduct a sequence of SEO techniques.

If you are new to blogging world and not familiar with term “SEO”, then let me elaborate it for you, - “SEO is a sequence of techniques applied over site to perk up your once site visibility over web with organic or natural SEO techniques (White Hat Techniques)”. There are two types of SEO techniques first is White Hat Technique and second one is Black Hat Technique.

Black Hat Techniques are banned by every search engines, this technique is more aggressive and inappropriate, and thou you get quick results but can damage your site permanently and can put your site in spam list for forever. On other hand, White Hat Techniques give slow but permanent optimal results which lead your site from front. Major SE’s like Google and Yahoo, has approved White Hat Techniques, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, speaks more about it: